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A&T Deluxe

Uncle Bens Long Grain Rice (500g) Eisberg Alcohol-Free wine 75cl Colgate Plax Cool Mint Alcohol (250ml) Fortnum & Mason Piccadilly Lemon Curd Biscuits Tetley Green Tea (50 bags) Checkers Custard Powder Vanilla Flavour (2kg) Supreme Blossom Honey (500g) M&S Extra Strong Tea bags (50 teabags) Patterson Shortbread 410g Weetabix (600g) Heinz tomato ketchup (342g) Marvel Skimmed Milk (340g) Nutella (400g) Millefiori Diffuser - 500ml Rechargeable citrus  juicer Ocean Spray cranberry juice (1 litre) Davidoff Coffee (90g) Le signature chocolate (600g) Easy On Double Spray Starch (567ml) (Kindly note that hampers can be modified to suit your preferences, prices may also be affected) Email: [email protected] Phone no:+2347048540500

Trunk/ Hamper Box

Sturdy trunks. Boxes do not come with ribbon as pictured above. Size 20x20x10 inches For custom orders and purchases,  Email: [email protected] Phone no:+2347048540500‬

A&T Jordan Set

Jordans Country Crisp Strawberry (500g) or Granola Eisberg Alcohol-Free wine or Martinelli Apple Cidar Wine (75cl) Lotus Biscoff Spread (200g) Organic extra virgin coconut oil (300ml) Twinings English Breakfast (50 bags) Marvel Skimmed Milk (340g) Millefiori Diffuser – (500ml) Davidoff Coffee Instant Crema Intense (90g) or Kenco coffee Kellogg's Special K Red Berries Cereals Barilla Farfalle (500G) Stute Conserve Extra-Rasberry (340g) Rowse Honey (340g) Werthers Golden Mix (340g) Maltesers Hot Chocolate Powder (180g) or Horlicks Traditional Malted drink Kindly note that we’ll substitute any unavailable item in our hamper with a similar product.

Fruit Hamper

The Fruit Basket contains 5 large green apples 5 large red apples Bunches of green and red grapes 1 large

Insulated lunch bag

16L Large Capacity Portable Insulated Lunch Bag.
Can be branded. Price is exclusive of branding. THE MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY ON THIS PRODUCT IS 5 PIECES. Email: [email protected] Phone no:+2347048540500‬

Peach set

Original price was: ₦28,000.00.Current price is: ₦26,000.00.
A simple yet classy birthday gift for her. Contents 👇🏾 -Twinnings Peach and Orange tea -Twinings Raspberry and Lemon tea