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3-in-1 canisters

3-in-1 canisters Email: [email protected] Phone no:+2347048540500‬

3-layer trolley

Available in black and white colors Email: [email protected] Phone no:+2347048540500‬

45L heavy duty trash bin

Heavy duty 45 liters trash bin Email: [email protected] Phone no:+2347048540500‬  

Absorbent foot mat

Super absorber foot mat (Can be branded. Price is exclusive of branding) THE MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY ON THIS PRODUCT IS 10 PIECES. Email: [email protected] Phone no:+2347048540500‬

Bamboo 3-in-1 tray set

A set of 3 bamboo trays Email: [email protected] Phone no:+2347048540500‬

Bamboo tissue box

Bamboo tissue box
Can be branded. THE MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY ON THIS PRODUCT IS 30 pieces  Email: [email protected] Phone no:+2347048540500‬

Blender juicer cup

Portable juicer THE MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY ON THIS PRODUCT IS 30 pieces  Email: [email protected] Phone no:+2347048540500‬

Blitz 1.5L Blender & Grinder

Blitz 1.5L Blender & Grinder Easy, practical and no fuss, the SQ Professional Superblend quickly and efficiently blasts through food! A generous 1.5L jug and powerful 600 watt motor with two speed settings plus a pulse function allows the Superblend to make quick work of all your blending needs. Whip up soups, purees and batters quicker than ever before! For those tougher jobs, such as coffee and spices, that require a finer processed result the grinding mill attachment powers through the task effortlessly. The full safety interlocks and anti-slip rubber feet offer both stability and peace of mind, making the Superblend an essential addition to any busy kitchen. Email: [email protected] Phone no:+2347048540500‬

Commercial deep fryer

Commercial 12L deep fryer Email: [email protected] Phone no:+2347048540500‬

Luxury metal wall clock


Luxury metal wall clock. Ideal gifts for business executives.

ADM design wall clocks are able to combine the need to see the time with that of adding an on-trend decorative feature to a wall in your home. Geometric lines combined with creativity or minimalist, extremely “cool” solutions to give life to small artworks that fit seamlessly into any setting. The metal structures, expertly assembled by hand, make these little artisanal masterpieces the ideal solution for adding a bespoke personal touch to your home.

Email: [email protected] Phone no:+2347048540500‬

Lustro Rice Cooker + Steamer 1.8L

Lustro Rice Cooker + Steamer 1.8L The Lustro stainless steel rice cooker is the most stress free way to cook rice to perfection! The easy to use design is what makes the Lustro rice cooker a perfectly practical addition to any busy kitchen. A removable non-stick interior bowl offers incredible non-stick performance, preventing stuck on burnt rice. Not only does this give you perfectly cooked rice but reduces time spent washing up! Once your rice is cooked, the handy ‘keep warm’ function ensures your food is kept warm until it’s ready to be served. Designed with you in mind, the convenient indicator lights allow you to see when your rice is cooking or when it is just being kept warm. Eliminate over measured portions and food waste from now on as each Lustro rice cooker comes with a measuring cup and rice scoop. The sleek stainless steel exterior complements all interior designs, remaining timelessly stylish for years to come. Email: [email protected] Phone no:+2347048540500‬    

Porcelain Muffin Moulds

8-Piece Porcelain Muffin Moulds. It is dishwasher safe. To order, kindly send a DM Email: [email protected] WhatsApp/Call (our ONLY business contact number +2347048540500)