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Adjustable, foldable laptop stand

Adjustable, foldable laptop stand. 10-17 inches. For MacBook, iPad and Laptop   (Can be branded. Price is exclusive of branding) THE MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY ON THIS PRODUCT IS 10 PIECES. Email: [email protected] Phone no:+2347048540500‬

Laptop stand

Adjustable laptop stand.

Scientific Triangle Support

Stronger bearing capacity/Center stability, no tipping/The bottom support plate fits the desktop more firmly.

3 mm Non-slip Silicone Pad

Increase the anti-skid effect of silicone/Anti-drop and anti-scratch/Better friction/Use more quietly.

Anodized Aluminum Alloy

The laptop stand is neat and delicate/Easy to clean/Rust-proof/Anti-scratch.

THE MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY ON THIS PRODUCT IS 30 PIECES. Email: [email protected] Phone no:+2347048540500‬