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A&T Waffle Set

Celebrations Tub Pallet (650g) Waffle maker Marvel Skimmed Milk (340g) Kenco rich (100g) Kirkland signature dry roasted almond nut (1.13kg) Hartley’s Raspberry seedless jam (340g) Alpen No Added Sugar Muesli (550g) Lohn Lagos Red – Maison Arabe hand-poured soy candle (150g) or Millefiori diffuser (500ml) Harrods Tea Harrods Shortbread Twinings Cold Infuse TRS Almonds 750G Tetley earl grey (50 bags) Light Love non-alcoholic wine or  Martinelli's Sparkling wine (75cl) Twinings English Breakfast (50 bags) Kindly note that we’ll substitute any unavailable item in our hamper with a similar product.

Tilda Set

Belvita Soft Filled Chocolate Biscuits (250G) Coasta Coarse Sea Salt (750g) Weetabix (600g) Heinz baked beans (342g) Twinings Tea (Cherry &Cinnamon) 20 bags Twinings Tea (Blueberry &Apple) 20 bags Goya Adobo All Purpose Seasoning (794g) Millville Old Fashion Oat (1.19kg) Dunns River Coconut Milk (400ml) Tilda Stmd Basmati Rice Golden Sella (5kg) Fairy washing-up liquid original (520ml) Horlicks Traditional Malted Food Drink (500G) TRS Italian Plum Peeled Tomatoes (400g) 2 Bounty Single Roll White Fox Chunk cookies (2)